Java Clouds – Evaluating and Adopting Java EE PaaS

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Jul 292013

This session will look at the promise, benefits & challenges of using popular Java PaaS services. It will compare popular cloud services like Jelastic, CloudBees and the Oracle Java Cloud and next discuss the key points to consider while choosing a Java PaaS vendor. The session will talk of the cloud capabilities and limitations of Java EE 6 and 7; and how you would often have to customize your Java EE application development with reference to the cloud vendor’s specifications. The session will look at how add-on cloud services beyond basic Java EE like a development platform or database support, could often be a crucial factor while deciding on a Java PaaS.

The session will demo deploying Java EE applications on multiple Java PaaS platforms and show the kind of features, reporting and management capabilities of the services.  The takeaway for the audience would be a better understanding of the Java EE PaaS alternatives and how to best build for,  utilize and adopt a Java EE cloud service.


Speaker At Java ConferenceHarshad Oak is the founder of IndicThreads & Rightrix Solutions. He is the author of the books 1) Oracle JDeveloper 10g 2) Pro Jakarta Commons 3) coauthor J2EE 1.4 Bible. For his contributions to technology and the community, he has been recognized as an Oracle ACE Director and a Java Champion. He is currently working on a book about the Oracle Java Cloud Service…